About KKCC

Kuru Kuru Co-operative College conducts teaching, service and research activities. Ongoing programmes address all aspects of co-operative business: principles, organization, financing, structure, governance, management, leadership, marketing and related topics. KKCC serves agricultural, schools and other co-operatives. Research programmes are designed to address current issues in co-operative business.

Established in 1973, KKCC has formed working alliances with University of Guyana, Association of Caribbean Tertiary Institutions (Guyana Chapter), Association of Cooperative Educators, Guyana Forum for Lifelong Learning, University of Wisconsin, USA, Guyana National Co-operative Union and Department of Cooperatives.


The Kuru Kuru Co-operative College is one of the accredited institutions of the University of Guyana and Asssociation of Caribbean Tertiary Institutions.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement inter-disciplinary outreach and extension programmes on cooperation;
  • Strengthen the cooperative movement in Guyana and internationally in partnership with international donor organizations and cooperatives, foreign government agencies and overseas organizations;
  • Maintain and develop course offerings on cooperation throughout Guyana;
  • Coordinate a system-wide integrated research programme on ccoperation;
  • Present the cooperative model and cooperation as an alternative to addressing rural and urban economic community development issues;
  • Maintain an accessible research and historical library on cooperative endevours - both domestic and international.

Ongoing activities include:

  • Leadership and Management Workshops (three days of training) for Cooperative Managers and Committee Members offered in various settings.
  • Cooperative Employees' Workshops (one day sessions);
  • Custom design programmes. Individually designed and geared to the needs of a wide variety of cooperatives and cooperative issues.
  • In-service training. Cooperative model educational programmes for country-based trainers;
  • Individual consulting activities. Advice and consultancy to individual cooperatives, leaders and others;
  • Training for Board of Directors / Committee of Management. (One week sessions for ccoperative boards) Topics cary and may include: Policy, Leadership, Roles and Responsibilities, Planning and more;
  • Training for general membership. Topics may vary and may include: Roles and Responsibilities, Governance, Finance and more;
  • Training for the general public who would like to make business a career (1 year) at two levels;
  • Training for micro entrepreneurs in Management, Book Keeping, Project Proposal Writing, Implementation and Management, Marketing, Communication in Business, Etiquette, Photography, Statistics, Budgeting, Financial Management and Accounting, Economics and Computer Studies.
  • Training for general public who achieved low grades (3,4 & 5) at the CXC Examinations. These upgrading classes are conducted over a two year period.
Extension and Adult Education
The college provides education and consultancy in the establishment of cooperatives,
organizational and financial analysis and long range planning.

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